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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Many people have made repeated  various mantras concerning political correctness.  More often than not the claims involve wasting time, being irritating, or cases of reverse racism.  These claims by themselves are no worse than the majority of useless vibrations that squeak out of the throats of the mindless.  Yet what I find interesting is the fact that nobody addresses the one aspect of the argument that interests me: the fact that being political correct is done entirely for oneself and typically has nothing to do with truly accepting a person.  When people make a point of eliminating any content that could be misconstrued they are taking the elitist position and imagining themselves to be superior.

With that in mind, stop being insensitive, only the weak-of-mind need to use racism.


  1. +1 agree whole heartedly...people need to become smarter and informed

  2. agree 1000% bro
    we can't keep being held back by ignorance as we currently are...

  3. strong finishing sentence
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  4. Truth. Its the year 2011 people, time to embrace the global society. Following for sure.

  5. Very interesting thoughts and well-written.

  6. nice writing don't stop!

  7. Racism, like all forms of ad hominem, only serves as the last resting point for an opponent who has exhausted all of his civil resources. You really know a person who cannot be fully reasoned with when they resort to stuff like that.

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  9. Thank for the comments on my blog man!

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  10. It sucks when people ignorantly state their opinions when its obvious they have no clue what they are talking about.. that's what America is turning in to and the saddest part is that other ignorant douche bags support ignoramus #1..

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